A UK-wide trial of hydrogen fuel is set to shake up the feeling infrastructure across the UK.

CNG Fuels will use its UK network of public access biomethane refuelling stations to support the effort.

In addition, a new branch of the company – HyFuels – will support the effort.

Specifically, this division will identify the best locations for hydrogen production and infrastructure for trucks.

The first trials are planned for mid-2022.

Furthermore, by 2025, the company plans to allocate 100 acres of its land to public access hydrogen refuelling.

The CEO of CNG Fuels, Philip Fjeld, believes the plan has huge potential.

“HGVs alone account for 5% of all UK emissions,” he stated. 

“Therefore, their decarbonisation is one of the single most important things the UK can do to meet our net zero ambitions.

“Renewable biomethane is and will continue to be the most effective decarbonisation solution for heavy transport for many years. 

“However, we have launched HyFuels to ensure we are ready to support our customers’ journey to a multi-fuel future,” added Fjeld. 

Truck operators face a challenge to switch to more sustainable fuel sources to meet climate targets. 

As a result, this UK-wide trial will be of interest to many hauliers up and down the country.

HGVs account for 16% of UK transport emissions, despite covering just 5% of total road miles on UK roads.

Interestingly, for high-mileage HGVs, renewable biomethane is the lowest carbon, most cost-effective alternative fuel today. 

Specifically, it cuts emissions by more than 85% and lifetime costs by 30-40% compared with diesel. 

Further hydrogen news

Meanwhile, another hydrogen development has been announced by bp and Daimler Truck.

The news follows the an announcement earlier in the month from Mercedes-Benz and bp about in-truck fuel payments.

The two companies are to work together on their own hydrogen network. 

BP will lead on the development of a network of up to 25 hydrogen truck refuelling stations across the UK by 2030. 

Complementing this, Daimler Truck expects to deliver hydrogen-powered fuel-cell trucks to its UK customers from 2025.