An in-truck fuel payment system has been developed in the UK.

Furthermore, a trial of the new Mercedes-Benz system has already taken place with Wren Kitchens.

The news is likely to come as welcome news for drivers and operators.

Fundamentally, the process will make refuelling more efficient, easier and safer. 

The in-truck fuel payment system works via an app called bp In-Truck Pay.

The technology has been developed for the latest Mercedes-Benz Actros.

Therefore, when the vehicle is specified with ‘Multimedia Cockpit, Interactive’, drivers can use the system.

Specifically, they pay via the Truck App Portal, which can be used by drivers and also fleet managers. 

In addition, In-Truck Pay can eliminates errors and provides accurate information to fleet managers.

Also, it removes the need for drivers to enter mileage themselves.

The app is designed specifically for fleet operators to help get drivers back on the road faster.

As a result, it only requires three simple steps: drivers confirm the site; unlock the pump and refuel.

The truck then directly logs the fuel transaction – paying for the fuel itself. 

The introduction of the in-truck fuel payment system comes after Mercedes-Benz polled drivers when launching the Actros in 2019.

At the top of the list of customer demands was a solution that would address refuelling issues.

Fast-forward two years and Wren Kitchens has used bp In-Truck Pay with 11 trucks.

Lee Thompson-Halls, from Wren Kitchens, was delighted with the product. 

“We strive to always be ahead of the game. 

“Therefore, trialling innovative initiatives like this means we can potentially drive progress within our business.”

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz’ Richard Skidmore said the app “has the potential to transform the way in which operators may purchase their fuel”.