Plans to revamp transport connections across the country have been announced.

Within the vision, £20m will be committed to develop plans for improved road and rail networks.

In addition, the money will be used to upgrade the UK’s internal sea and air links.

Today’s Union Connectivity Review outlines which forms of transport can better connect all parts of the UK. 

Sir Peter Hendy, author of the review, says a strategic transport network will help deliver the ambition.

Reducing bottlenecks and delays and stimulating economic growth are two of the major goals of the review.

Meanwhile, the environmental impact has been considered when looking at transport connections. Plans have also been announced to cut carbon emissions on rail links.

Specifically, road investments will be made to the A75 between Gretna, Dumfries and Stranraer.

This key route for south west Scotland and Northern Ireland will see upgrades to the current single carriageway.

The UK government is to work with devolved adminitstations on the development studies.

Addressing this part of the proposal, Sir Peter Hendy CBE admitted devolution had been good for transport. 

“But it has also led to a lack of attention to connectivity between the four nations, due to competing priorities and complex funding,” he added. 

“A UK Strategic Transport Network could resolve this, with its core objective centred around levelling up across the whole of the UK.”

Sir Peter has spoken to over 100 organisations and received nearly 150 submissions to calls for evidence.

As a result, he’s identified some of the most pressing issues for connecting all parts of the UK.

However, the plans are all dependent on the content of the next government Spending Review.