A road safety operation carried out by Warwickshire Police and partners has produced some interesting results. 

The survey was carried out last week, which was the national ‘Commercial Vehicle Week of Action’. 

A total of 66 driver offences were reported over the two-day period between 15th and 16th March.

The vehicles were brought in at two stop sites on the M40 and the M6.

Specifically, the police and partners were monitoring those drivers behind the wheel of 3.5-tonne vehicles and above.

However, four car drivers were also pulled over for excessive tinted windows, speed and tyre issues.

The survey reported that 14 vehicles were overloaded and 12 drivers were stopped over load safety concerns.

Meanwhile, nine drivers were found to have defects that made their vehicle unsafe.

Drivers with no license or disqualified drivers were also caught by the police during the 48-hour period.

In addition, other offences included using a mobile phone behind the wheel, no insurance and not wearing a seatbelt.

Officers and staff from Warwickshire Police’s Commercial Vehicle Unit, Operation Patrol Unit and Special Constabulary were all involved. 

The partners included Highways England, DVSA, Border Force and Immigration Service. 

Sergeant Shaun Bridle, from Warwickshire Police praised the operation.

“We continue to be shocked at the number of offences we find being committed on our road network,” he said. 

“But this only strengthens the enthusiasm of our officers to take part in any operations that help improve the public’s safety on our roads.”

“We will continue to work with partners to educate drivers to improve compliance with road safety legislation,” he added. 

He also committed to removing dangerous vehicles from the roads, making them safer for all.