The Commercial Vehicle Unit of Warwickshire police has won a national award from Highways England.

The honour was made as the group was named ‘Top Performing Force 2020’ in the UK for Operation Tramline.

Operational Tramline involves a specially adapted ‘supercab’ owned by Highways England to observe driver behaviour. 

As a result, Warwickshire Police were able to use the cab to help make roads in the country safer.

Warwickshire Police’s Commercial Vehicle Unit has now won the national award two years in a row.

Martin Jelley, chief constable, Warwickshire Police, was delighted to receive the award. “I’m extremely proud of what the Commercial Vehicle Unit has achieved to make our roads safer for everyone. 

“They are a small team who work extremely hard to do whatever they can to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads,” he added. “Tackling unsafe driver behaviour remains a high priority for the force. Behind every death or serious collision on our roads are devastated families. 

“We need everyone to drive safely and with consideration to others on our roads.”

Sergeant Carl Stafford said the ‘supercab’ was invaluable to the Warwickshire Force. 

“It allows officers to see all road users from an elevated position, giving a much clearer view of what drivers are doing. 

“For example, if a driver is using a mobile phone or not wearing their seatbelt. The ‘supercab’ allows our officers to film evidence of unsafe driving behaviour by pulling up alongside vehicles.”

Highways England’s assistant regional safety co-ordinator Marie Biddulph, presented the team with the award.

“Winning this award for the second year running is testament to the commitment of Warwickshire Police in helping to tackle dangerous driving on our roads.”