New electric truck developments have given a boost to British business.

Firstly, Ricardo has won government funding to investigate future clean vehicles. 

In addition, Tevva has unveiled the first British-designed 7.5-truck for mass production in the UK. 

The Ricardo new electric truck work covers two separate innovation projects. 

The consulting company will partner with the University of Bath on both initiatives.

To start with, the integration of power electronics into a battery pack will be investigated.

Then, the project will explore how this measure could reduce total cost of ownership.

Specifically, it will look to make improvements to help save up to £1,000 a truck.

The first new electric truck project is funded by the Faraday Battery Challenge.

It is also supported by Innovate UK.

The second scheme will run in parallel, is funded by DfT and delivered by Innovate UK.

Within the remit, Ricardo will look at developing technology for 1,400V electric trucks.

Therefore, it offers a glimpse into the future of better efficiency and faster charging.

The team will build on Ricardo’s previous Future Truck research and develop new components.

For example, there will be a new modular battery pack and advanced power electrics.

In addition, an electrified drive unit for high voltage use will be created.

Teri Hawksworth president of Ricardo Automotive said the company realised the challenges ahead.

“Heavy duty vehicle CO2 regulations will require manufacturers to reduce their fleet average CO2 emissions. 

“These targets will not be achieved just by improving current technology. 

“However, Ricardo is committed to supporting manufacturers and fleet operators by driving cost out of electrification.”

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, the Tevva Truck has been confirmed for production. 

A 7.5-tonne electric vehicle, the Tevva Truck aims to address the immediate need to electrify.