Right-hand-drive variants of the DAF CF electric have been announced by the truck manufacturer, with production starting in March 2021. 

Initially available in 4×2 tractor and 6×2 rigid configurations, the CFs will be powered by Lithium ferroPhosphate (LFP) battery technology, which is 700kg lighter than the previous pack and offers a range of up to 220km. Models have already been trialed in Germany and the Netherlands and have been well received by operators and drivers alike.

The 6×2 rigid features DAF’s FAN axle configuration, which integrates steer, drive and lifting rear-steer axle with the manufacturer’s latest electro hydraulic steering system to help drivers better negotiate tight spaces. 

The LFP battery delivers 350kWh and can be fully charged from empty in 75 minutes when using a 250kW charging station. This ability to be recharged during driver breaks is designed to appeal to those on urban distribution work, where the CF is typically found. 

“We’re really excited at the prospect of bringing the CF Electric to UK operators,” said David Price, DAF Trucks’ municipal sales manager with responsibility for sale of DAF electric vehicles in the UK, “Interest at the CV Show last year was extremely favourable, and feedback from a group of demanding customers on the Continent provides further encouragement that we have a very capable truck well suited to the UK. 

He added that ensuring safety, reliability and productivity was critical to the CF Electric and believes that it ‘ticks these boxes’ as well as offering the obvious environmental benefits.