Some 25 years after he first drove it, a McLaren truck driver has got back behind the wheel of a memorable vehicle. 

Ian Hodges used to take the Mercedes-Benz Actros tractor unit to race circuits all over Europe.

Specifically, it was one of three vehicles used to support the McLaren team in their Formula One race calendar.

The trio were all 6×2 2557 MegaSpace vehicles and were often seen moving the cars of Mika Häkkinen and David Coulthard.

In addition, the Actros trucks transported the race engineer and communications trailer as well as a hospitality unit.  

 A quarter of a century later and Hodges spends his time behind the wheel of a fifth-generation Actros 4×2.

However, the McLaren truck drivers was reunited with his old partner, thanks to work done by restorer Dominic Newby.

Newhaven-based Newby visited McLaren Technology Centre Woking, Surrey in the restored Actros. 

Therefore, Hodges and his colleagues couldn’t resist the chance to compare and contrast.

Furthermore, they were also keen to remind themselves how much truck technology has moved on. 

“It’s a lovely truck, with a beautiful interior,” enthused the McLaren truck driver.

“I’ve been working with Mercedes-Benz trucks for most of my career here at McLaren. 

“And I have particularly fond memories of the first Actros. 

“It was a trail-blazer with its Telligent vehicle management systems and all-disc braking system.” 

Meanwhile the old Actros was powered by a 570hp V8 engine and featured multi-coloured upholstery. 

By contrast, the interior of Ian’s new Actros is more understated comfort and quality.

Newby is a contributor to Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ Roadstars platform for drivers. 

In addition, he has won awards for his restoration of a Mercedes-Benz 1622 tractor unit from 1976 

In 2020, he was keen to take on another project and the rest, as they say, is history.