Today marks a Mercedes-Benz milestone for the truck manufacturer’s flagship model.

The Actros was unveiled 25 years ago in Hannover.

As a result, it marked a new dawn and direction in truck design, comfort and safety.

The original Actros was seen by many as a sophisticated truck.

In addition, it was a brand that became associated with innovation.

Therefore, it is no surprise that 25 years later, the Actros retains those core values.

The Mark I Actros used on-board systems to control the engine.

This technology also covered the transmission and suspension of the truck.

Furthermore, it featured the world’s first braking system with discs all round.

Finally, aerodynamic cabs were deployed, including the MegaSpace version.

As a result, operators enjoyed better fuel economy and safety levels.

For example, stopping distances were reduced by up to 25%, compared with rival products. 

In addition, there were advances in service intervals, which were extended to 100,000km to 120,000km.

As the industry celebrates this Mercedes-Benz milestone, the company continues to push boundaries. 

The latest Actros featured 60 innovations when it launched in 2019.

For example MirrorCam, which replaces conventional door-mounted mirrors.

Elsewhere, other technologies – such as Active Drive Assist – have helped further improve safety levels.

Not only that, but the system has also paved the way for partially automated driving to reach the truck market. 

Katie Purcell, head of marketing, was keen to celebrate the Mercedes-Benz milestone. 

“We are immensely proud to be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Actros,” she said. 

“Few, if any, trucks generate such loyalty and passion among customers. 

“And, plenty of them have been running Actros through all five model generations.

“We love hearing and sharing their positive stories about our flagship product.”

Mercedes-Benz milestone: 25 years of the Actros