Building and construction business Tarmac, has begun trialling a fuel conditioner as part of a commitment to reducing emissions.

The operator is rolling out the fuel conditioner across selected vehicles in its truck fleet.

The innovative fuel addition has been developed alongside SulNOx Group Plc and will be used on selected vehicles over a three-month period. 

During that time, fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions data will be monitored in order to identify savings.

The SulNOxEco fuel conditioner is made from natural, biodegradable ingredients.

It has has been shown to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 and fine particulate matter levels.

In total, it will be used on 18 of Tarmac’s vehicles, including mixer trucks, tipper trucks and articulated trucks. 

The evaluation will take place at two Hopkins concrete plants.

Furthermore, the expectation is that it may improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon by up to 10%.

John Anderson, national logistics director at Tarmac, explained more. 

“Tarmac is a leading sustainable business and the operator of one of the largest HGV fleets in the industry. 

“Therefore, it’s critical that we continue to explore, pursue and identify ways of reducing emissions and boosting fuel efficiency.

“By working with SulNOx on this trial, we are keen to understand the extent of the performance and benefits that this innovation will deliver. 

“We want to demonstrate how it can help to support our clients and partners who share our net zero ambitions.”

Meanwhile, Ben Richardson, chief executive of SulNOx Group, said he was delighted to be partnering with Tarmac.

“By using SulNOx in the Tarmac fleets, we will be contributing to decarbonising construction and greening up the supply chain. 

“In addition, we will be improving air quality for employees and communities and reducing emissions and benefitting the circular economy.”