Fourteen Multilift Commander container-handling HGVs from Enterprise Flex-E-Rent are heading to the High Speed 2 project. 

The deal represents the first of its kind for a UK rental business.

In addition, the Hiab-built 32 tonne unit concept has previously only been used in the UK by the military. 

Therefore, they are specially designed to augment the traditional hook-lift system that is commonplace in the waste industry.

The container-handling HGVs are designed with efficiency in mind during potentially complex operations. 

As a result, they can pick up, move and deliver ISO shipping containers without the use of a crane. 

This skill is particularly useful in very remote sites where it is difficult to get mechanical handling equipment in place.

The Multilift Commander hook-lift system enables the driver to load and unload the cargo at the push of a button. 

All 14 vehicles being hired by EKFB are from Mercedes-Benz, with 5-star Direct Vision Standard ratings. 

Specifically, there’s the Econic as well as the Arocs 3240 K 8×4 chassis with a 3-star DVS safety-rated S-cab 3. 

The container-handling HGVs have all been fitted with an array of safety equipment.

For example, they all feature Advanced Brake Assist 5, onboard cameras and tracking systems. 

Meanwhile, other options range from headlamp mesh guards to puddle lights. 

Paul Bedford, senior logistics manager at EKFB, explained the deal. 

“Working across a delivery area of over 80km and supporting worksites in rural and remote locations required a different approach. 

“Having seen this type of equipment operating in austere military overseas environments, it was a logical fit,” he said.

“The ability to use a 20ft ISO container footprint to move plant, material and waste provides huge flexibility. 

“Previously, several pieces of equipment and employees had to combine to load and unload vehicles.”