Totally Local Company Limited (TLC) has invested in two Mercedes-Benz Econic tipper-grabs. 

The company had specific requirements for its latest trucks – and the Econics met or exceeded them all.

For example, they needed to be able to handle construction sites, which is where they are now operating.

The Econics are the first of their kind on the TLC fleet.

However, other products in the lineup are based on the same chassis and prove reliable for various projects. 

The Stockport-based operator’s 32-tonne Econic tipper-grabs were supplied by North West Dealer eStar Truck & Van.

The head of fleet services at TLC, Alastair Burns, explained the scenario. “Specifically, we needed eight-wheeled tipper-grabs for on-highway work that often entails muckaway duties.

“However, we also wanted low-entry cabs that would provide drivers with optimum visibility.”

Continuing, he added that rear-steer axles were also a must, as the trucks would be working in urban environments.

“Few vehicles are capable of meeting such a brief,” said Burns. 

“And, of the tenders we received, the Econic was the clear winner. 

“The field of view from the driver’s seat is excellent and the cab is easily accessed.” 

Meanwhile, the Econic’s panoramic windscreen was also a big part of the decision.

In addition, the folding nearside door specified by TLC is glazed to its full height.

As a result, drivers are able to make direct eye contact with cyclists or pedestrians at junctions and in traffic. 

Furthermore, these attributes help to meet TfL’s five-star rating for the Direct Vision Standard. 

“We undertake the vast majority of our work in the North West,” admitted Burns.

“However, the benefits encouraged by the Direct Vision Standard apply here as much as they do in the capital.”

 Concluding, Burns said cab visibility was crucial to driver and general public safety.