Volvo Trucks has recently introduced a number of driving aids and technologies to improve safety and driveability.

For example, one of the technologies supports truck handling when drivers are in tight areas. 

Another helps out drivers when they face uneven surfaces, for example at construction sites.

Dubbed Terrain Brake, the system applies the brake when the driver is on rough ground and releases the accelerator.

The truck then holds its position without rolling, which enables small movements, with great precision.

Another of the driving aids launched by Volvo Trucks is ‘Change Direction’, which helps drivers manoeuvre their vehicle at low speeds.

Instead of applying the brake, the driver can switch into reverse while still moving forwards. 

The new function will then automatically ease the vehicle to a standstill and then start moving in reverse. 

All the driver has to do is hold the accelerator pedal. 

To move forward again, the driver just switches into forward gear and keeps holding the accelerator.

Finally, Active Grip Control boosts stability and acceleration in wet and/or slippery conditions.

If the truck starts to skid, multiple sensors allow the vehicle’s control system to react to the road surface.

The new feature is also designed to reduce the risk of jack-knifing and oversteering when driving unloaded.

The driving aids have been made possible thanks to updates to Volvo’s I-Shift gearbox.

Pär Bergstrand, heavy duty transmission manager, Volvo Trucks, explained more.

“We have managed to make a range of functions available that improve driveability, safety and comfort. 

“Each is designed to give the driver greater control and ease of operation when manoeuvring,” he said.

Meanwhile, Volvo Trucks has opened a dealership in Bedford as Volvo Truck and Bus Centre South & East relocates.

The new premises is on the Wilstead Industrial Park, 11 miles from the current facility.