The I-Shift transmission – Volvo Trucks’ automated manual gearbox technology – is 20 years old.

In 2001, it was hailed as an innovation that would improve fuel consumption, vehicle performance safety and driver comfort. 

Volvo also decided to develop the I-Shift transmission as a more efficient alternative to fully automatic gearboxes.

In response, the Swedish manufacturer has sold more than one million trucks featuring the technology.

Volvo continues to develop I-Shift today, bringing customers more benefits and savings in the above areas.

I-Shift currently features on the FH, FH16, FM and FMX trucks as standard. 

“I-Shift was and still is a major game-changer,” stated Pär Bergstrand, heavy duty transmission manager, Volvo Trucks.

Bergstrand revealed that more than 90% of all Volvo trucks sold in North America, are equipped with I-Shift technology. 

“This impressive development clearly reflects both its increased efficiency and its driver appeal,” he said.

I-Shift is fully synchronised with the rest of the truck. The transmission uses information from the engine and vehicle to work out the most optimum gear to use.

Therefore, I-Shift’s success lies in its ability to work with the entire powertrain,

With continuous improvements over the past two decades, I-Shift has met demands of a wide range of transport applications. 

From high performance and efficiency to optimum driveability and comfort, it has been adapted to suit.

Additionally, Volvo Trucks has added numerous intelligent functions that both drivers and hauliers have come to appreciate.

However, the development work on the I-Shift transmission hasn’t stopped, according to Bergstrand.

“I-Shift will continue to be improved for diesel trucks,” he confirms. “And it will also play an important role in our electromobility journey. 

“I-Shift also offers unique abilities to contribute to Volvo’s fully autonomous transport solutions of the future.”