Two DAF 18-tonne LF 260 trucks have been added to the Miniclipper fleet. 

The duo join the 70-strong truck and trailer fleet at a time when it is being revamped.  

It is the first time the DAF brand has made it onto the solus MAN Miniclipper fleet.

However, there was an urgent need to grow the urban delivery fleet.

As a result the two DAF 18-tonne vehicles followed a cancelled dealer order.

This delivery coincided with two MAN XXL 6×2 diesel tractor units and two Lawrence David double deck trailers joining Miniclipper. 

Lee Atterbury, Miniclipper’s new transport operations director, explained the acquisitions.

“We have seen a major growth in new contracts in the Home Counties and into London. 

“That includes a doubling of home deliveries, which generally requires smaller trucks,” he explained. 

Atterbury said the company had evaluated the fleet, based on the current vehicle and trailer shortage.

The evaluation included looking at routes to understand how electric trucks might work for the company.

“We have also had initial conversations about a hybrid electric/hydrogen approach,” he added. 

The revision of the fleet stretches beyond new models, to suitability for certain environments. 

For example, Miniclipper has equipped 24 of its trucks to meet Direct Vision standards even though many don’t yet run into London. 

Drivers have welcomes the changes, especially the rear facing camera and screen.

These additions have led to improved visibility and resulted in fewer reversing incidents.

“Our fleet has grown by 18% in the past year, but our accidents have been reduced by 50%,” revealed Atterbury.

In other DAF news, the company has reached the milestone of 10,000 units produced for the new generation trucks.

The vehicles only started production last autumn, but such was the demand, the five-figure point has already been reached.