DAF Trucks has added another electric truck model to its line-up, with LF Electric joining the CF Electric.

The new LF Electric is designed for urban distribution and offers a range of 280km.

A lithium iron phosphate battery provides 282kWh of energy to the vehicle, which has a 250kW e-motor onboard. This powertrain provides the LF Electric with nominal torque of 1,200Nm (3,700Nm peak).

Operators and DAF have trialling the new electric trucks, proving out DAF’s latest deployment of its driveline technology. Developed in cooperation with Dana, the LF Electric starts production at DAF’s UK Leyland Trucks facility in May.

The batteries used in the LF Electric are Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) items. These components contain no cobalt of magnesium, so they boost sustainability credentials of the electric truck.

The packaging of these batteries is also superior to comparable items, leading to a higher density per litre. The chemistry of the batteries, which have a six-year warranty, ensures that they offer the highest thermal safety.

DAF has introduced what it is calling a ‘Combined Charging System’ with its new vehicle. This technology enables the LF Electric to be charged via a regular electricity network – ideal for overnight depot charging.

The electric truck can be charged from 20% to 80% in one hour, or fully charged in two hours – using fast chargers. A full charge using conventional slow charging equipment takes up to 12 hours.

The LF Electric also comes with the option of a 400V PTO for powering auxiliary equipment. This option means there’s no need to mount a separate generator onboard the electric truck, ensuring zero emissions status.

DAF’s electric truck will initially be available as a 19-tonne rigid, with wheelbase options of 5.3m or 5.85m.

The LF’s body and payload is 11,700kg, which is considered plenty for most urban and city distribution jobs.