Government-funded upskill courses have been announced for drivers looking to boost their qualifications.

The courses, called Skills Bootcamps are now available though the Driver Academy Group.

Specifically, this group comprises Logistics UK, HGVC and Manpower.

Therefore, it will provide help and guidance from major players in the transport and logistics sector.

In addition, it will also provide drivers with an opportunity to increase their earning potential.

In light of the ongoing driver shortage, the Driver Academy Group is calling on truckers at every level.

For example, it could be someone who needs more confidence behind the wheel?

Alternatively, the candidate for the upskill courses could be someone who wants a change to their current role.

David Jordan, deputy operations director, Logistics UK said the organisation was proud to be involved.

“HGV driving is a vital occupation that supports all facets of the nation’s economy and society,” he stated. 

“We are providing HGV drivers with an exciting opportunity to upskill and build confidence. 

“In addition, employers get the chance to receive funding for this training.”

Concluding, the message was that those interested should apply now to secure a place!

Meanwhile, the Welsh government has also responded to driver shortage concerns.

Specifically, the Economy, Trade and Rural Affairs Committee of the Welsh Senedd has listened to industry and has a plan.

Responding, Chris Yarsley, Logistics UK’s policy manager for Wales, showed his appreciation.

“The Committee’s plan to tackle the HGV driver shortage demonstrates it has listened closely to the concerns and suggestions of Logistics UK. 

“Most crucially, the Committee calls upon the Welsh Government to announce a national audit of rest facilities for drivers.”