Stay safe at work and protect your assets with our pick of the most useful devices to maintain personal and vehicle security

When it comes to safety and security, it always pays to be prepared. With instances of cargo theft, pinched fuel and personal attacks frequently in the news, savvy truck drivers and operators will want to make sure themselves and their vehicles stay as safe as possible.

We’re taking a look at items and devices that can offer some much-needed extra protection when on the job. Whether it’s defence against diesel theft, camera systems to enable drivers to check what’s happening around their truck, or useful personal protection items to help deter nefarious individuals, we’ve got you covered…

Backeye 360
Manufacturer: Brigade Electronics
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Price on application

All-round visibility from a truck cab is all but impossible without the help of some additional kit, and one of the most trusted on the market is Brigade’s Backeye 360. Billed as an intelligent camera monitor system, it enables drivers to get a clear, real-time view of what’s happening all around the vehicle by ‘video stitching’ live footage from four ultra-wide angle cameras positioned around the truck into one ‘overhead’-style view. Each installation is bespoke to the vehicle in question, and it’s compatible with pretty much all rigids and tractor units. The newest kit is the BN360-300, which gives drivers a clear and crisp image thanks to its new high-definition specification.

Fuel Anti-Theft Devices
Manufacturer: TankSafe
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Price on application

With fuel one of the biggest expenses for fleet operators, literally every drop counts – and sadly, there are plenty of nefarious folk out there who are after stealing the diesel in your tanks. Designed as a ‘fit and forget’ item than installs in minutes, TankSafe’s Optimum device claims to completely prevent skimming, siphoning, overfilling and diesel spills. However, the fuel cap isn’t the only point of entry for fuel thieves – so for the most robust protection, SenderSafe can also be fitted to defend the sender unit from attack.

Heavy-Duty FatMax Aluminium Torch
Manufacturer: Stanley
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Price: £33.5o (inc VAT)

A hefty heavy-duty metal flashlight can provide additional safety when working at night. This model from Stanley (STA195153) is made from anodized aluminium, is weather-resistant and has a shatter-resistant lens. Powered by three D-type batteries, it packs a punch in more ways than one with it’s toughened body and ultra-bright beam.

Magnetic Weatherproof Case
Manufacturer: Scarfell
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Price: £19.99 (inc VAT)

This small and simple storage case may well get you out of a pinch if you happen to lose your key, or need to hide a spare bit of cash on your vehicle in case of emergencies. Featuring two strong neodymium magnets with a combined pull of 44 kg, this box can be affixed somewhere unobtrusive for use in case the worst should happen. While it doesn’t lock, it does have a tightly clasped lid with rubber seal to keep out the weather.

MicroGuard Lone Worker Alarm
Manufacturer: Peoplesafe
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Price on application

Should the worst happen and a driver suffers an emergency while away from base, this new personal SOS alarm could be at hand and ready to help. Drivers can immediately raise an alarm in a number of ways depending on their access to either a keyfob-style device, or via their smartphone. This alerts Peoplesafe’s 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which promises to quickly determines the level of threat and provides the fastest possible response to the incident. A driver can also log locations and activities, with monitored check-up messages if required. The additional fall detection functionality also recognises if a driver needs assistance having fallen over or been knocked down. GPS locating is also included.

Self Defence Spray
Manufacturer: Sabre
Web: Buy it from
Price: £9.99 (inc VAT)

Drivers who find themselves having to deliver or park-up in some unsavoury places might want to have a look at this self-defence spray. Unlike pepper spray, this is legally approved for possession and use in the UK and offers 35 bursts – enough to allow you to mark multiple threats at once. UV and purple marking dye also stains skin and lasts 48 hours, to help police identify offenders. You can also keep your distance thanks to its 3 m (10 ft) spray range, delivered in powerful stream to decrease wind blowback. Ouch!

Body Armour Anti-Stab Vest
Manufacturer: YD
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Price: £49.90 (inc VAT)

…And for those having to work in crime hotspots, a bit of extra protection from some body armour might be useful. This knife- and punch-proof vest might be just the ticket. The insert is made of rigid, stab-resistant steel sheet metal, while the cover resists water and sweat and can be removed for washing.