Tessa Wilson, a GXO graduate has taken a six-month secondment as a project officer in Uganda.

Specifically, her role is part of Transaid’s Professional Driver Training project in the country.

Therefore, Wilson will help with the increasing demand for truck and PSV drivers in Uganda.

During her time in Uganda, she will work with Transaid’s partner, Safe Way Right Way Driver Training Centre.

The GXO graduate said it would be one of the biggest challenges she’s faced.

“I’m really enjoying the opportunity to work in such a different environment,” she explained.

“I’ve already learnt new skills and it is wonderful to be contributing to such a hugely important project.”

During the secondment Wilson will split her time between the training centre and local businesses.

In other words, she will reinforce the importance of professional driver training.

In addition, she will highlight the opportunities and benefits of hiring female drivers.

Neil Rettie, Transaid’s road safety project manager, said support from GXO was vital.

“We can deliver a level of resource at a local level which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible full-time,” he revealed.

“The value Tessa is bringing cannot be underestimated.

“Also, we know from experience that these placements can go a long way to helping secondees develop their skills and confidence.”

Transaid and Safe Way Right Way have been tasked with training 750 drivers in Uganda between April 2021 and April 2023.

Within those, at least 25 should be female – a goal that has already been exceeded.

For example, more than 40 female drivers having completed the training to-date.

The Professional Driver Training Uganda project is one of Transaid’s largest driver training programmes.

It runs alongside similar initiatives in Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia.

Wilson picked up the baton Abbie Rennison, who is also a GXO graduate.