The condition of driver facilities for hauliers has been an issue for many years.

However, it has reached the point now where the industry is unwilling to carry on with the poor standards.

Therefore, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) has been moved to do something about the situation.

Specifically, it is urging those in the trucking industry to get behind a new campaign.

Furthermore, it has set up a petition in an attempt to ensure that the standard of driver facilities are raised across the board.

The RHA Facilities Campaign is designed to ‘galvanise the industry’, says the RHA.

In addition to improving driver facilities, it will also address other areas of the life of the truck driver.

For example, it will press for more safe and secure parking in and around truck stops and on driver’s routes.

Meanwhile, research has indicated some big gaps when it comes to provisions for drivers. 

For example, there’s an estimated shortfall of 11,000 lorry parking spaces nationally. 

As a result, many truck drivers are left without somewhere secure to eat, sleep and access toilets.

The situation, says RHA, needs to change – but it required a combined effort.

For example, developers are often frustrated by local authority bureaucracy holding up plans to build much-needed facilities.

Therefore, RHA is calling on firms and industry professionals to add their voices to the campaign. 

The petition will also ask ministers to pave the way for more safe and secure facilities.

Richard Smith, RHA managing director explained more. 

“We’re determined to kick-start a culture change,” he said. 

“Commercial vehicle drivers continue to put up with poor facilities out on the road and it’s just not good enough.

Concluding, Smith stated: “People at work should feel safe and respected; our drivers expect better and deserve better.”