The war in Ukraine is having a serious impact on the ability of truck drivers to do their jobs in Europe.

Specifically, Russia’s invasion of the country is damaging costs, supply chains and international trade.

However, it is not just in the two affected countries that the restrictions are being felt.

The freight transport services to Ukraine are at a virtual stop, affecting countries on that route.

In addition, services to Russia have been suspended in the majority of cases.

As a result, there is a knock-on effect of the war in Ukraine on UK companies, even if they don’t do business in Eastern Europe.

David Jinks, from ParcelHero, said that “Putin’s War” will harm all countries in the continent.

‘Most international parcel operators suspended services to the Ukraine from 24 February,” he explained. 

“In addition, major couriers such as UPS, FedEx and TNT have also suspended international services to Russia.” 

Therefore, he continued, most couriers are now returning items already in transit to the sender where possible.

“The logistics companies such as DHL and DSV have all asked their Ukrainian employees to stay at home,” added Jinks.

“Ukraine is an important air corridor for European air traffic and re-routings will lead to a – hopefully short-term – loss in capacity.

The ParcelHero man added that shipments of goods by sea are also being impacted by the war in Ukraine. 

“There are no services into Ukraine’s key port, Odessa. 

“Also, Ukraine says two foreign-owned commercial ships have been shelled there by Russian forces. 

The container line Ocean Network Express (ONE) suspended container bookings to and from Russia. 

The announcement from ONE came hours after Maersk said it was considering doing the same.

• If you wish to pledge your support to Ukraine, please visit the Unicef or Red Cross websites.