Tough FMX is Volvo’s heavy-duty all-rounder

By Steev Hayes
Photography Steev Hayes

Some construction chassis, whether four-, six- or eight-wheeler, can be something of a compromise. Generally, if a truck isn’t going to undertake any heavy-duty off-road work, hauling tarmac or running on general aggregates operations, they can be of a fairly standard specification with a mid-power engine, basic day cab and a road-going chassis.

But add a bit of drama to the mix – nights away, more trips off-road and in harsh conditions – and you’ll need to beef up the specification with strong steel springs, flitching to reduce any flexing of the chassis, a decent sleeper cab, and you will also require some sort of extra assistance for the drivetrain should the going get rough, boggy or slippery.

Then there are the trucks built for the serious end of the market, where power and strength are king, and where the requirement is for specially designed chassis built strong enough to take harsh and continuous punishment. This requires a heavy-duty body, purpose-built chassis and designed-in component protection.


This Volvo FMX 540 bhp 8×4 rigid falls into the latter category. Introduced as an alternative to the more standard versions on offer from the FM stable designed for hauling sand, aggregates and construction materials, FMX was produced to satisfy the requirements of customers who liked the FM package, but wanted something with more strength which could handle working in ultra-tough conditions and be able to haul heavy loads over challenging terrain. There are a number of versions of FMX available, each designed to cope with differing levels of work.

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