Nottinghamshire Police has revealed results of using an undercover DAF cab on the county’s roads.

The news comes the month after Warwickshire Police’s Commercial Vehicle Unit was recognised by Highways England for similar efforts. 

In total, 30 drivers were caught in connection with a variety of offences by the cab on 25-26th February 2021. 

Specifically, the offences included two drivers using a mobile phone and 22 not wearing seatbelts.

Furthermore, of the remaining six offences, three resulted in vehicles being seized.

The operation was part of Operation Tramline, which aims to make the road network safer.

The undercover cab features an elevated driving position, enabling evidence of dangerous driving to be collected.

Highway policing units are then alerted and instructed to pull offending drivers over.

“The unmarked HGV never fails to bring about results,” said Sergeant Craig Luckett, of Nottinghamshire’s roads policing unit. “It’s amazing what people try and get away with behind the wheel. 

“I cannot stress enough how invaluable this activity is in order to save lives and prevent crime,” he added. 

“I’d just ask drivers to think about what they’re doing… is it worth costing a life or ending up in jail. 

“Officers in marked and unmarked vehicles are out every day and endeavour to keep our roads safe.”

Marie Biddulph, assistant regional safety co-ordinator, Highways England, urged drivers to take more care.

“Working closely with our police partners and through the use of the supercabs we want to encourage all drivers to think twice about their behaviour behind the wheel,” she added.

Nottinghamshire Police plans to conduct further operations involving the HGV cab over the coming months.