A total of 20 new tippers have been ordered by George Killoughery Ltd.

The operator is based in Mitcham and runs a construction firm covering London and the Home Counties.

In addition, the new tippers are the latest to be purchased from Thompsons. 

Specifically, the company started in 1965 before buying its first Thompsons tipper in the 1970s.

Built on Scania XT chassis, the new tipper bodies are all-steel Loadmaster Lites.

That particular model is the best-selling model for Thompsons. 

In addition, it is the most popular tipper body across the UK.

George Killoughery, grandson of the company founder, is delighted.

“For multi-purpose work such as ours, Loadmaster Lite is absolutely ideal,” he says.

“Its beauty is in its very simplicity, allied to a standard of build and attention to detail that is unsurpassed in the industry. 

“Therefore, these qualities give Loadmaster Lite a real performance edge. 

“For example, in terms of long-term reliability and durability. 

“Specifically, the bodies carry everything from demolition spoil and recyclables to sand and aggregates. 

“For us, having this type of everyday versatility in our tippers is an absolute must.”

Continuing, Killoughery said the payload of over 19 tonnes makes it “the tipper body for all seasons”.

The Thompsons Loadmaster is over 25 years old.

In that time, it has continually evolved, with the Lite model selling more than 1,000 examples a year. 

The engineering highlights of the new tippers are numerous. 

For example, it is built in Hardox steel with a single piece floor and sides. 

As a result, steadily improving material quality results in an advanced body design.

In addition, it offers light weight combined with strength.

In other words, the formula that every tipper operator really wants. 

Concluding, the tipper fleet is accredited to FORS Silver and the London Road Safety Scheme.