Efforts to decarbonise the transport sector have taken a step forward as biomethane supplies have arrived in northwest Italy. 

A filling station on Strada delle Cascinette, in Turin, is the first in the region to offer biomethane (Bio-LNG and Bio-CNG).

The filling station is the result of a collaboration between Iveco, Engie and Vulcangas.

Importantly, the first vehicle to be fuelled with Bio-LNG was an Iveco S-Way NP.

The biomethane supplies at the filling station is produced at a plant located in the province of Lodi. 

By supplying this renewable fuel, the station becomes the last link of a 100% green energy supply chain.

“Zero-emission transport is here,” stated Thomas Hilse, brand president at Iveco. 

“We have the technology to achieve it and, from today, we also have the supply of bio-methane.” 

In addition, Hilse explained that production and supply of the fuel is growing fast and expected similar filling stations to appear. 

“Very soon, in Italy, we will be able to drive completely emission-free on LNG,” he promised.

The filling station was inaugurated in February 2020 and covers a surface area of 5000m2. 

Consequently, it has two LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and four CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) dispensers. 

LNG reduces particulate matter by 95%, Nitrogen dioxide NO2 by 90% and also reduces CO2 emissions. 

Meanwhile, there is also a charging point for electric vehicles, powered by a photovoltaic system on the roof.

It is located within the CNH Industrial manufacturing site on Strada delle Cascinette, in the east of Turin.