Iveco has unveiled its new S-WAY heavy truck at the IFEMA exhibition centre in Madrid, Spain.

Iveco said the new WAY heavy range marked “a strong shift towards providing customers with an integrated transport solution, economically and environmentally sustainable, in which the services around the product become more important than the product itself”.

“We want to become the easiest-to-work-and-innovate-with truck OEM for our suppliers and customers, while tailoring our vehicles around a driver’s life, which today is more than just the route he travels,” said Gerrit Marx, president commercial & special vehicles.

“Sustainability also entails our responsibility to make this job, which is crucial for our society, a more attractive and enjoyable one… which goes beyond just adding leather and wood applications.”


Iveco said S-WAY carries over all the advances introduced in the previous generations, and adds a new cab entirely redesigned around the driver’s and the owner’s needs.

The Italian manufacturer said the driver-centric design of the new cab provides first-rate living and working conditions with a spacious environment, improved driving ergonomics, and a layout that combines functionality with comfort. It said the design also addresses driver safety with a reinforced structure (ECE R29.03 cab crash compliant) and much improved visibility all around and in all conditions.

In redesigning the cab from the ground up, the new model optimises aerodynamic performance and increases fuel efficiency by up to four per cent. Also contributing to the low Total Cost of Ownership are design features such as the multi-piece bumper that reduces repair costs, as only the affected part needs to be replaced in the event of damage.

Iveco reckons the new Connectivity Box in the S-WAY is “a true game-changer”. It collects, processes and exchanges data in real time, and works off a service platform developed in partnership with Microsoft that provides safe data storage and management, plus other value-added services. Owners and drivers are constantly connected with the vehicle on their mobile device or PC through a user-friendly MyIVECO portal and app.

S-WAY uses this connectivity to enhance the driver’s life on board, with advanced driver assistance and driving style features combined with services developed to help drivers operate efficiently, accessed through the user-friendly MyIVECO EASY Way App.

The S-WAY’s advanced connectivity has also been developed to help operators maximise the vehicle’s uptime, providing a predictive service with My IVECO Way Solutions. It also unlocks a new modular offer of premium personalised services, including professional fuel advising, fleet management and maintenance, to optimise the fleet’s performance and efficiency.

Iveco said S-WAY builds on the sustainable performance of the brand’s heavy line, achieving further reductions in PM, NOx and CO2 emissions. This is achieved with the exclusive HI-SCR aftertreatment system and through fuel efficiency of the engine technology and Hi-Tronix transmission, plus multiple other fuel-saving solutions such as Smart EGR.

Gas option

For logistics operators wishing to run a ‘green’ fleet, S-WAY Natural Power remains the only LNG truck offering a range of up to 1600 km for long-haul missions with 460 bhp. With this vehicle, they will benefit from all the advantages of natural gas, the only immediately available low-emission alternative to diesel in the heavy segment, which delivers Particulate Matter emissions 99 per cent lower than diesel, 90 per cent less NO2 and, with biomethane, CO2 is 95 per cent lower, near zero.