UK service stations have been given a big thumbs down by truck drivers.

Furthermore, research from eStar has revealed the big issues facing hauliers up and down the country.

A poll of 250 truck and van drivers revealed that 66% thought the UK had the worst service stations they had visited.

In addition, 33% of male drivers said that they were ‘unusable’.

Meanwhile, 38% of female drivers thought the same.

During the current driver shortage, the latest news doesn’t make for good reading. 

For example, describing UK service stations in such a way will do little to encourage new recruits.

The eStar survey laid bare feelings about this country’s rest areas.

Specifically, they were described as dingy, dirty and unsafe by many.

Also, the working conditions made some drivers feel vulnerable, unsafe and neglected.

The biggest issues from drivers were well-known and probably won’t be news to many.

Firstly, half of respondents said that bathroom facilities were not up to scratch.

Secondly, long waiting times for loading and unloading were an issue for 46%.

Also, 43% of drivers stated that the quality of food was not good enough.

Meanwhile, other issues highlighted were cleanliness and unhygienic facilities.

However, drivers were also asked about what improvements they would like to see at UK service stations.

For example, 38% of respondents said they would like driver community areas to socialise.

In addition, the same number wanted increased toilet and shower facilities.

Increased parking, better security and healthier food options were also favoured by drivers. 

Steve Bridge, managing director of eStar hoped the survey would help lead to change. 

“Those of us that use service stations as quick stop-offs may not notice the environment in as much detail. 

“So, we’re proud to be able to give drivers a voice to share their own views.”