HGV parking facilities need to be improved and one company is prepared to do something about it.

Goldstar Transport has announced the ‘Better Breaks, Safer Stops’ campaign.

Specifically, the move is designed to improve conditions at rest stops for truck drivers.

In addition, it comes off the back of the RHA’s 12-point action plan for the industry.

Goldstar Transport says a combination of Brexit, Coronavirus and IR35 have created barriers to entry for drivers.

As a result, the company is keen to encourage new bloody into the industry.

For example, it believes a key part is improving minimum standards at truck parking facilities.

This includes better lighting, rest facilities and fencing.

In addition, better CCTV is required as well as ‘appropriate security’ says Goldstar.

Steve Jones, general manager at Goldstar Transport is the man behind the initiative.

“We recognise the high standards some HGV parking facilities provide,” he said.

“Therefore, we thank companies such as SNAP for making life easier for drivers.”

However, he added that locations need to be safer, more secure and suitable for drivers to rest.

“We shouldn’t have to advise our drivers of no-go locations,” he argued.

Jones is calling on the government to deliver.

He says that to curb the crisis pressure needs to be put on the government.

“Higher standards need to be put in place,” he argued.

As a result, drivers can rest when they take their breaks, not watch their backs and their cargo.

Importantly, Jones is calling on fellow hauliers to get in touch.

Meanwhile, he is also asking truck stops and Motorways service stations to get involved.

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Concluding, Jones said: “A network of quality, secure rest stops across the UK should be mandatory.”