A truck drivers strike has been proposed for 23rd August to protest about poor pay and conditions.

Around 3,000 drivers have so far planned to stay at home on that Monday.

As a result, it is hoped that the action will bring a greater focus on the ongoing truck driver shortage.

A truck drivers strike has been discussed for some time because issues failed to be addressed.

Therefore there is little surprise that action has been taken by drivers.

However, the Road Haulage Association has warned against the action.

The RHA claimed a truck drivers strike would make a ‘bad situation worse’.

In addition, it claimed that the action would severely disrupt automated chains.

The association’s Kate Gibbs said “downing tools was not the way forward”.

“A supply chain that runs like clockwork only requires the tiniest thing to throw it out completely.

“If you think things are bad now it’ll just make things so much worse,” she warned.

Meanwhile, driver Mark Schubert was keen to show his support.

“We are trying to send a message that drivers are fed up with how they are treated. 

“Yet as long as stuff’s on the shelf, people don’t seem to give a damn about us.”

A Facebook page has been a driving force behind calls for a truck drivers strike.

It urges drivers to “stay at home and make a stand in your living room” on 23rd August. 

It addition, it suggests demands should include a minimum wage of £15 an hour.

Furthermore, the page propose a 45-hour week plus paid breaks, with overtime paid at 1.5 times the hourly rate. 

In conclusion it states: “The more of us, the better. If we will be able to gather a few thousand drivers together, they will have to listen to us. Let’s unite!”