The challenge to find the best truck driver in the UK for 2021 has begun.

Telematics and journey management solutions company Microlise has opened nominations for its competition, now into its seventh year. 

Entrants have their driving performance data analysed using Microlise technology to reveal the top performers. Awards are then given to individuals in three categories: short-; medium- and long-distance driving.

The judging process involves analysis of telematics records of more than 250,000 drivers by the Microlise Data Science Team. Driver details are kept anonymous, with all employee, contact and personal identification completely removed. By doing so, Microlise says it is able to identify the best performing drivers. 

In addition to the main awards, there are other nomination-based categories. These are: Young Driver; Most Improved; Lifetime Achievement; Driver Hero and Extra Mile. These awards are open to the entire driver community, regardless of whether Microlise telematics technology is used. 

“These are the most comprehensive awards for drivers of heavy commercial vehicle,” said Bob Harbey, executive director at Microlise. “Our data science team uses the latest technology to evaluate data from hundreds of thousands of anonymous drivers.

“This is one of our favourite projects in the year,” added Harbey. “It allows us to celebrate the tremendous contribution drivers make to the transport industry and to our economy. Given the extraordinary logistical challenges of 2020, there has never been a better time to applaud them.”

Last year, the overall award was given to Gist driver, Gillian Brooks, who also won the long-distance category in the competition.

Nominations can be made HERE  on or before Friday 19th February, 2021.