Volta Trucks has announced the first implementation a Truck as a Service charging infrastructure for the Zero.

The agreement has been made with Heppner, a creator of transport and logistics solutions based in France.

As a result, 16 of the full-electric Volta Zeros will operate from the company’s depots in Paris and Lyon. 

Importantly, the agreement also covers the implementation of the electric charging infrastructure to run the vehicles.

Specifically, there will be 22kW slow and 150kW fast chargers installed by Volta Trucks’ charging infrastructure partner, Siemens. 

The agreement with Heppner recognises that the successful implementation of an electric commercial vehicle fleet doesn’t solely rely on a truck. 

Instead, the support services that surround the vehicle are as important.

Therefore, the Truck as a Service approach is a vital one as the industry transitions to alternatives to ICE power. 

Volta Trucks has worked with Heppner to ensure that the timelines for the different elements all tie together. 

That means vehicle delivery, charging infrastructure as well as all other Truck as a Service components.

Volta Trucks and Heppner worked closely together to identify charging requirements through a sequence of site assessments. 

Each assessment identified a sites existing infrastructure and upgrades required to recharge a fleet of Volta Zeros.

Truck as a Service is designed to de-risk and accelerate the migration to electric commercial vehicles for fleet managers. 

Through the Truck as a Service offer, Heppner will have access to the maintenance, servicing, insurance and training services of its vehicles.

In addition, it will rely on Volta Trucks for development and successful implementation of all aspects of the migration to electrification.

Jean-Thomas Schmitt, CEO of the Heppner Group, welcomed the deal. 

“This first successful trial is the start of a great collaboration in which innovation and agility have their place”, he said.