A joint venture involving three automotive manufacturers for a European charging infrastructure has been established.

Specifically, Traton Group, Daimler Truck and Volvo Group will combine forces on the project, called Commercial Vehicle Charging Europe.

The joint venture sees 1,700 charge points installed and operated by the trio.

Typically, these charging stations will be positioned on, or close to, highways and at logistics hubs throughout the region.

In total, €500 million will be invested, making it the largest charging infrastructure investment in the European heavy-duty truck industry to date.

Furthermore, the joint venture intends to play a key role as a charge point operator (CPO). 

In other words, it will be involved in the management of the stations used by heavy-duty trucks. 

Commercial Vehicle Charging Europe will be based in the Netherlands and headed by Anja van Niersen, as CEO.

van Niersen has a lot of experience of the sector, not least from her time as CEO and Chairman of the Board of charging network provider, Allego.

The invested parties say that there will be ‘a strong customer-driven approach focusing on transport operators’ specific needs”. 

In addition, the JV will provide ‘reliable and accessible high-performance charging stations’ for fleet operators with electric trucks.

Commenting, Christian Levin, CEO, Traton Group hailed the start of the joint venture. 

“Anja and her team will support the important journey to enable further progress of sustainable transport,” he said.

Meanwhile, Martin Daum, CEO, Daimler Truck said he was very excited to be involved.

“It is crucial that we are now taking the initiative for building up the much-needed charging network,” he stated. 

Finally, Martin Lundstedt, president and CEO, Volvo Group called Commercial Vehicle Charging Europe called it a “major step”.

“We are making what would be impossible for one actor alone to accomplish,” he reasoned.