A quarter of a century with Trevor Pye Transport been seen one driver recognised with a new Volvo FH 540 Globetrotter.

The Shropshire-based operator has a long history with Volvo, but hasn’t added any of tis trucks for five years. 

However, that all changed because driver Chris Thomas a huge Volvo fan. 

Therefore, when he celebrated 25 years at Trevor Pye Transport, there was only going to be one truck to recognised the achievement.

Specifically, the 6×2 tractor unit is powered by Volvo’s D13K Euro-6 engine, which has 540hp and 2,600Nm torque. 

Furthermore, the blue and red livery has been hand-painted, to give the truck an authentic finished look.

The owner of Trevor Pye Transport, Trevor Pye, explained how the situation arose.

“We used to only run Volvos back in the day and we still have plenty in the fleet.

“Volvo has always produced a quality product. 

“Therefore, when we decided to get something for Chris to celebrate his 25th anniversary, he was very clear in his choice!” 

Unsurprisingly, Thomas’ last truck was a 14-plate FH. 

In other words, “he’s a Volvo man through and through”, as Pye confirmed.

The latest FH features updated styling and enhanced fuel-saving features. 

In addition, there’s a driver-focused interior featuring a fully digital 12in high-res instrument display.

Meanwhile, Trevor Pye Transport specified its new truck with Volvo’s Long Haul Fuel package. 

Therefore it features I-See predictive cruise control, plus the One Bed Resting package. 

The new addition to the Trevor Pye Transport fleet will be working on the temperature-controlled distribution side of the business.

Therefore, it will be in operation five days a week and is expected to clock up in the region of 125,000km a year.

Finally, the truck has been named after Pye’s granddaughter Florence.