Toutes Directions reckoned the only way it could get the best flagship was to go to Mercedes-Benz.

Therefore, the Sheffield-based haulier now has a brand new Actros, plated for operation at 68 tonnes GCW. 

The Actros 2553 arrived via the local branch of dealer Northside Truck & Van and is built for the road.

For example, it’s powered by a 12.8-litre engine with 530hp and also boasts a flat-floored GigaSpace cab.

In addition, the truck boasts an array of optional upgrades. 

For example, there’s an interactive version of the radical, twin-screen Multimedia Cockpit dashboard. 

Meanwhile, the only way to get drivers onside was to spec it for their comfort and enjoyment. 

As a result, the Actros looks the part, with aluminium-effect and chrome trim and a sliding and tilting electric sunroof. 

Leather on the seats and the steering wheel complete the luxury look. 

Long-serving driver Peter Molnar also gets automatic climate control, in addition to a luxury top bunk, TV, fridge and microwave.

Tom Harrison, transport managert at Toutes Directions was delighted with his new flagship model. 

“In this case we ticked virtually every box on the extras list, but we always specify our trucks highly,” he explained

“We do so to reward and retain drivers, not least because around 25% of our work entails long-distance European haulage. 

“It’s only fair that we give them a comfortable environment,” he reasoned.

 The latest addition to the company’s fleet of more than 20 Mercedes-Benz trucks will fulfil a variety of roles. 

For example, the only way to get the most of it is including some heavy haulage work. 

“We have quite an assortment of different trailer types and it could be used with any of them on any given day,” reported Harrison.

Finally, driver Molnar said: “The new Actros has blown me away!”