Operators running refrigerated trailers are to benefit from a collaboration between two industry players. 

Carrier Transicold, a supplier of refrigerated trailers, has formed a strategic partnership with Portuguese technology company AddVolt. 

As a result, Carrier will use AddVolt systems to develop solutions for European customers. 

Additionally, the system is telematics-enabled and compatible with Carrier’s new Lynx digital platform. 

Therefore, customers will be able to use data to make faster decisions to improve their supply chains. 

AddVolt developed the world’s first plug-in electric system for transportation markets. 

The technology reduces emissions, such as noise, particulates, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide (CO2). 

Meanwhile, AddVolt claims a number of advantages over similar systems. 

For example, it says it offers broad compatibility with refrigerated trailers and trucks.

Meanwhile, real-time telematics connectivity is possible.

Victor Calvo, president, truck trailer international, Carrier Transicold explained how important the agreement is. 

“We’re taking an important step toward the widespread commercial adoption of electric trailer refrigeration systems across Europe,” he stated. 

Calvo added that the results of the collaboration offer a “viable pathway” for customers to move from diesel units.

Carrier Transicold’s Vector eCool unit was the world’s first fully autonomous, all-electric engineless refrigerated trailer system. 

Importantly, AddVolt’s power system converts kinetic energy generated by the trailer into electricity. 

The electricity is then stored in a battery pack to power the refrigeration unit. 

“We are excited to partner with Carrier Transicold,” said Bruno Azevedo, CEO, AddVolt. 

“Our technology is focused on refrigerated transport fleets in Europe, but it has the potential to benefit other applications and geographies down the road.”