Thermo King has announced a program that allows operators to trade in and trade up their refrigeration units.

The ‘trading up’ element of the initiative involves Thermo King’s new Advancer A-Series trailers. The range features three versions of Advancer A-Series: A-360; A-400; and A-500.

This new trailer offers operational advantages, including a claimed 30% advantage in fuel efficiency over the market average. 

Thermo King is claiming ‘unrivalled electrical and fuel efficiency’ and lower CO2. Engines with 50% fewer emissions than the maximum allowed by latest NRMM Stage V emission standards are also deployed.

The company believes the efficiency gains help mitigate fuel price increases expected after rebated red diesel’s withdrawal in 2022.

“With this program, Thermo King wants to help transport companies address the impact of upcoming changes in fuel duty,” said David O’Gorman, regional sales director at Thermo King. “Hauliers willing to trade in and upgrade their used trailer refrigeration units can simply contact their local Thermo King dealer and replace it with a brand new Advancer unit.”

Green solutions

As well as the potential fuel efficiency improvement, there are many other reasons for buying an Advancer A-Series. 

They are the first units on the market to give complete transparency of fuel levels and fuel consumption. This goal is achieved thanks to electronic engine speed control on the A-400 and A-500 units.

The fuel consumption data will be recorded, displayed and made available remotely via telematics.

There are also lower maintenance costs and ‘enhanced serviceability’ compared to the outgoing model. This breakthrough is achieved thanks to sensors that offer extra insight into the engine, fuel and battery performance.

Another industry first for the Advancer is the offer of two years’ full telematics connectivity in the purchase price. An extra bit of peace of mind for customers considering the refrigeration trade in program.