Stobart Energy, a biomass fuel supplier, has agreed a tyre supply deal with Bridgestone.

Under the terms of the agreement, Stobart Energy trucks will be running exclusively on Bridgestone Duravis R002s.

Specifically, these tyres help reduce cost per kilometre through wear performance and fuel efficiency optimisation.

In addition, the tyres have been enhanced to offer improved levels of grip on wet roads.

Simon Cartwright, Stobart Energy’s director of logistics (pictured above, left), said he was delighted.

“Bridgestone spent a great deal of time understanding what we wanted,” he explained. 

“No stone was left unturned in this regard and we struck up a good rapport immediately.”

One factor that stuck out for Cartwright was what he called Bridgestone’s ‘commercial agility’s.

For example, Bridgestone altered tyre specifications for Scotland, where roads and are more demanding than elsewhere in the UK.

Meanwhile, Cartwright added he was impressed with Bridgestone’s partner network. “We knew we’d be dealing with independent tyre dealers who are passionate in providing a memorable service.”

Bridgestone’s UK fleet sales manager, Ian Davis, highlighted the synergies between both businesses.

“It is a huge coup to be able to work with Stobart Energy,” he explained.

“There are a lot of bespoke factors that work together to comprise a fleet package. Therefore, it was crucial that we worked up with a solution around these factors.

“From the moment we met Stobart Energy, we felt we were dealing with a company we could really relate to on a cultural level, as well as a professional one,” added Davis.