There’s a new fleet flagship at Mr Plant Hire courtesy of French truck manufacturer Renault.

The plant hire specialist has taken delivery of a C430 8×2 tag, which also uses the company’s new branding.

The new C430 joins the eight-strong fleet on a like-for-like replacement as part of the company’s 5-year renewal programme. 

Meanwhile, two additional Renault Trucks are currently being built, including the company’s first 44 tonner.

That unit – a T460 6×2 midlift tractor unit with low loader – will be delivered in early 2023. 

In addition, a D18 4×2 rigid with beavertail will join the predominantly Renault Trucks fleet.

Oliver Simson, transport manager, Mr Plant Hire, revealed the fleet flagship has settled in well.

“Our driver Perry is delighted with it, he’s out cleaning it every day, it’s his pride and joy,” he said. 

Furthermore, Simson added that Perry thought the truck was “probably the most comfortable truck he’s driven”.

“He’s also getting a lot of attention when he’s out on the road!”

Alongside the company’s new look, the C430 boasts a number of special additions. 

For example, it has been wrapped by AST and has a Lightfix 6 spot lightbar and twin air horns. 

The trucks’s 11-litre engine has a maximum power output of 424hp and 2,050Nm of torque.

There is rear steer and air suspension, thereby making manoeuvring much easier in confined spaces.

Mr Plant Hire’s choice of manufacturer was a straightforward one, thanks partly to the relationship with the account manager.

“We worked very closely with him on specifying the right vehicle with the right body,” said Simson. 

“We find the Renault Trucks product is very reliable – the vehicles rarely go wrong.

“However, if there is a problem, then Norfolk Truck & Van rectify it straight away,” he revealed.