Following recent news of Renault Trucks’ latest urban electric vehicle, comes a zero emissions mobility solution for building sites. 

The first D Wide Z.E. is fitted with tipper and crane. It will go into service with the Noblet Group.

The operator’s latest investment comes in 6×2 form, with a steered rear axle and powered by four 66kWh batteries.

Therefore, it is able to work at low noise levels and with zero emissions across construction sites.

Cranes and tippers, which previously required an engine to be used, can now operate without CO2 emissions or power.

In addition, the quality of life for those living around the building sites is also improved.

Renault Trucks claims that the use of the D Wide Z.E. will also make worksites cleaner and more pleasant environments.

For example, with no exhaust system, dust on the ground has little or no opportunity to be disrupted.

Noblet, which rents out construction site equipment in France is keen to achieve ‘zero emissions in use’ status.

In other words, it is moving towards more electric vehicles for its fleet in the future.

“Some clients in certain cities in the Paris region will be ready to pay more for equipment that is mainly carbon-free and silent,” explained Laurent Galle, CEO, Noblet.

“Moreover, in France, we benefit from additional depreciation which represents just over 10% of the purchase price,” he added.

The D Wide Z.E. can be recharged in less than 10 hours from a 22kW socket and under two hours with a rapid charger. 

As a result, the battery pack choice will enable users to maximise uptime and ensure minimum disruption to operations. 

Meanwhile, a one-hour partial recharge will provide an additional 15 to 20km, making it suitable for clean urban use.