An open letter to truck drivers has been supported by the Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership.

Furthermore, that backing also includes Warwickshire Police’s Commercial Vehicle Unit.

The letter discusses load security and what can be done to improve it.

There is support from 30 police forces, National Highways and DVSA.

In addition, the Office of the Traffic Commissionier has also given it their backing.

Specifically, the open letter asks drivers and operators to help reduce death and injury on the roads.

Therefore, industry is being called upon to ensure loads are secure and legal.

The move comes after details emerged of discarded items from the highway.

For example, in Warwickshire, between January 2017 and August 2021, 986 straps have been recovered.

In addition, 1,144 tyres and 64 shed loads have also been found.

Carl Stafford of Warwickshire Police Commercial Vehicle Unit explained the need for action. 

“Commercial vehicles are currently overrepresented in road traffic collision statistics. 

“Therefore,we need drivers and operatorsto play their part in preventing deaths and injuries.”

In addition, he also called on those loading vehicles or trailers for others to be more careful.  

“Sadly, we see the results of insecure loads falling from vehicles and killing or seriously injuring innocent people,” he added. 

“This is totally preventable and totally unacceptable.  

“As a result, we are asking commercial vehicle drivers to do regular walk around checks every time they get into their vehicle.

“Also, we are asking drivers to do additional checks on their load when they stop for tacho breaks.”

 The open letter is part of a national week of action that aims to improve the safety of commercial vehicles. 

Therefore, Warwickshire Road Safety Partnership will be promoting road safety messages aimed at the commercial vehicle sector.