Swindon-based FMT Logistics has experienced a welcome expansion of its business in recent months.

As a result, the operator has invested in its first Renault Trucks T520 High. 

The new addition has joined the 23-strong tractor unit at FMT Logistics. 

Specifically, it will be put to work pulling refrigerated trailers across the UK and Europe.

Filipe Mendes, director at FMT Logistics explained why he chose the French brand.

“We were in the market for a new vehicle.” 

“And, after speaking to Roger Millet at Sparks Commercials and what he could offer, it made sense to try out the T High.”

Continuing, Mendes revealed that the operator always has two or three different manufacturers on its fleet. 

“We are very happy with Renault Trucks and the service they and Sparks Commercials provide.”

The 13-litre T520 High 6×2 features an Optidriver gearbox and automatic clutch – and up to 2550Nm of torque. 

Meanwhile, a host of optional features, for example roof mounted air horns, have been specified by FMT Logistics.

In addition, the T High boasts heated luxury seats, a 40-litre ‘quiet’ fridge and one-touch electric windows.

There is a lot of choice on the market, however, Mendes believes the new Renault fits his operation perfectly. 

“The T High is specifically designed for the type of work FMT Logistics does,” he reasoned. 

“There is plenty of space in the cab and we have specified the optional extras on top. 

“[We want] to ensure the driver has everything he needs to be comfortable especially as he is out on the road all week. 

“We have received excellent initial feedback and have a further two T Highs on order.”

Concluding, Mendes said: “Like all businesses the increased costs on fuel and equipment is challenging. 

“However, with vehicles such as the T High, we are confident our business will flourish.”