DAF has started field testing of new generation distribution trucks.

The truck company has started work with some of its customers who are trialling the new vehicles.

Specifically, the operators are using trucks that are in the final stages of their development.

The finished products will ‘share the DNA’ of DAF’s XF, XG and XG+ models.

Therefore, they will feature improvements in a number of areas across the vehicle.

For example, expect to see better quality, safety levels and efficiency.

In addition, DAF is promising advances in driver comfort in the new generation distribution trucks.

DAF says the new vehicles will use the same platform as the one seen in the heavy duty trucks.

In other words, the cab space will be optimised and there will be benefits for drivers and operators.

When the XF, XG and XG+ came onto the market, there was a lot of positive feedback from drivers.

Furthermore, DAF says that there were around 20,000 orders for the trio before production had started.

Therefore, the Dutch manufacturer is hoping to repeat that kind of success with the new generation distribution trucks.

Tellingly, when talking about forthcoming vehicles, Ron Borsboom, executive director, product development, made reference to the XF/XG family.

“With the game-changing XF, XG and XG+, DAF started the future of long and heavy haulage”, he said.

Continuing, he stated that DAF wanted to stay along the same path with its future products.

“Now, we are on our way to start the future of regional and national distribution as well. 

“Direct vision, seating position, ergonomics, fit and finish, it will all be of a new league, next to superior vehicle efficiency plus ride and handling.”

DAF will unveil its New Generation of distribution trucks in the second half of the year.