Merc issues special trucks update

By Andy Stewart


Mercedes-Benz has revealed its latest Unimog all-terrain vehicle, the Unimog implement carrier and the Econic – which makes the German company the only vehicle manufacturer in Europe to offer Euro 6-compliant products in all categories of the light, medium and heavy-duty segments, as well as in the special-purpose vehicle sector.

“In a wide variety of applications, the three new model series demonstrate the leading role the Unimog and the Econic play in innovation,” said Yaris Pürsün, head of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks.

“We’re convinced the new vehicles will set standards and substantially contribute to the business success of existing and future customers.”

Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks invested around €135 million in the three completely new vehicle concepts for its Euro 6 range – and the launch introduces the new BlueEfficiency Power medium duty engine generation in special vehicles, now it has been proven in regular Merc trucks.

The four and six-cylinder engines have outputs ranging from 115 kW (156 bhp) to 260 kW (354 bhp), which combine low fuel consumption with clean exhausts.

These engines make the Unimog more efficient, despite the extensive design changes implemented to ensure compliance with Euro 6.

In the Econic, the engines are claimed to reduce fuel use by up to four per cent.

Mercedes said the new generation of Unimog all-terrain vehicle, Unimog implement carrier and Econic have substantially increased performance and efficiency, while also being easier to operate. In addition to new engines for all model series, the Unimog all-terrain vehicle boasts a revamped mid-engine concept, and the Unimog implement carrier driveline features a new seamless change between the infinitely variable speed hydrostatic drive and mechanical drive providing all-round visibility, and new hydraulic systems for implements and performance that make the vehicle much more efficient to use.

The new Econic further enhances the low-entry cab concept and boasts many ergonomic improvements as a result of its new chassis, interior and exterior. Despite its unchanged payload, Merc said the truck is also much more economical than its predecessor, thanks to reduced fuel use and lower costs for repair and maintenance.