MAN’s OptiView digital mirror replacement system has triumphed at the 2022 European Transport Awards 

The technology picked was voted top for sustainability in the assistance systems category. 

MAN’s OptiView system replaces exterior and wide-angle rearview mirrors. 

In addition, it supersedes front and ramp mirrors. 

Instead, it works with cameras on the sides and front of the vehicle

As a result, it makes blind spots visible to the driver. 

Therefore, it ensures greater safety on the road, particularly when turning and changing lanes

The award is intended to encourage companies from the commercial vehicle sector to act sustainably. 

In other words, it recognises forward-looking products in the industry. 

Christoph Huber, MAN’s chairman of the board at MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH was delighted with the news.

“This award shows we’ve created a benchmark in the field of mirror replacement systems.”

Continuing, he added that the technology had “made our already excellent workplace in the new MAN Truck Generation even better”.

MAN’s OptiView can be ordered as an option.

Therefore, those drivers wishing to use traditional technology have that choice. 

However, Optiview uses cameras to show the traffic situation around the truck on two large high-resolution displays on the A-pillars. 

And, images are also shown on the screen of the media system. 

Meanwhile, drivers also have a zoom and wide-angle view at their disposal.

In addition to the various screen views, MAN OptiView offers further supportive additional functions. 

For example, width and length auxiliary lines can be superimposed on the views of the side displays. 

Therefore, distances and dimensions can be estimated even better when overtaking. 

In addition, MAN’s OptiView technology also integrates the warning displays. 

For example, it features the turn-off aid, the lane change aid and the lane change collision avoidance assistant in the two side displays.