In some ways it seems like no time since MAN’s new truck generation was introduced.

However, the revised range was actually unveiled in the pre-covid days of February 2020.

Therefore, it is quite early for a refresh, but that is exactly what MAN has done.

Features have been added to the TGX, TGS, TGM and TGL range to make them more user-friendly.

For example, there’s OptiView – a mirror system similar to that on the latest Mercedes-Benz Actros.

In addition, a driving aid – MAN CruiseAssist – has been added into the range.

Aerodynamic improvements have also been made to the cab, enabling fuel savings of up to 3.7%.

OptiView will be available as an option on MAN’s new truck generation from October 2021.

The technology works via cameras placed at the front and side of the cab. 

Like the Actros system, moving images from the camera are relayed onto two large screens in the cab.

Meanwhile, there’s a new collusion avoidance system onboard MAN’s new truck generation.

Building on the previous lane change warning system, it will now intervene and countersteer if a collision will occur.

MAN’s CruiseAssist will steer, brake and accelerate the TGX and TGS.

The system works on the motorway, even when there are traffic jams.

Furthermore, customers can take advantage of a new turn assist camera system with warning function. 

It is available from MAN Individual and ideal as a retrofitted solution for older trucks.

Göran Nyberg, from MAN, hailed the arrival of the new technologies.

“We know that our customers’ businesses never stand still,” he said. 

“So, at MAN, we never stop working on enhancements for our products. 

“For this reason, we are making MAN’s new truck generation more efficient, safer and more innovative.”