The shift to electric trucks will come sooner than planned at MAN, said the German manufacturer. 

Specifically, production of heavy-duty electric trucks in now expected to being in 2024.

Furthermore, 200 units will be delivered at this point, almost six months quicker than originally planned.

A near-production prototype was presented to the public late last week.

In addition, MAN laid out its other business plans to tie in with the shift to electric.

For example, the company is developing eMobility solutions to help customers get used to the vehicles.

In other words, the shift to electric might be happening more quickly, but customers need to be ready.

Alexander Vlaskamp, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus, explained the situation.

“We need to drive the electrification of our fleet even faster. 

However, we will only succeed in ramping up e-mobility if we support our customers. 

“To this end, we are creating integrated digital solutions and charging offers.”

Meanwhile, MAN is intensifying its research into hydrogen mobility alongside the shift to electric. 

Therefore, a commitment to funding of €8.5m was made to the ‘Bavarian Fleet’ (Bayernflotte) project. 

Specifically, in 2024, MAN trucks with hydrogen fuel cells are to prove their suitability at five customers in Bavaria.

Continuing, Alexander Vlaskamp, Chairman of the Executive Board of MAN Truck & Bus, added more information.  

“MAN is accelerating its transformation and taking big steps towards emission-free drive systems. 

“Our focus at MAN and in the TRATON Group is clearly on battery-electric drives.

“Importantly, they form the basis for our heavy-duty e-trucks, which we will be launching on the market from 2024. 

Concluding, Vlaskamp admitted that sufficient green hydrogen and the corresponding infrastructure will only be available well after 2030. 

“That is why we are researching the topic of hydrogen now,” he confirmed.

Shift to electric accelerated by MAN