Samworth Brothers Supply Chain has welcomed two MAN TGX trucks onto its fleet.

The Leicestershire-based operator adds the new trucks to its fleet following a successful demonstrator vehicle trial.

Specifically, Samworth Brothers was impressed by the fuel efficiency, uptime and level of positive driver feedback.

Therefore, it made the decision to add the two 26.470 6×2 tractors to its fleet of more than 120 trucks and 240 trailers.

The new MANs were supplied by the manufacturer’s Direct Sales function, with PDI and preparation carried out by MAN Truck & Bus Nuneaton.

Both new trucks are powered by MAN’s 12.4-litre, six-cylinder engines with 470hp.

The engines are lighter than previous units, meaning improved payload efficiency. 

As a result, there is a positive impact on the total cost of ownership (TCO) and vehicle whole life performance for fleets.

Paul Marrow, operations director at Samworth Brothers Supply Chain welcomed the arrival of the new MANs. 

“We have a number of older generation MAN Trucks on the fleet and over time these have served us well,” he confirmed. 

“The new generation TGX demonstrator proved very interesting indeed and easily met our expectations. 

“Also, it lived up to the positive comments we’ve seen in the press and heard from other operators.”

Continuing, Marrow explained that economy was a big factor in the fleet replacement decision-making process. 

“In the short time we’ve had our new MAN vehicles we’ve been impressed with their performance. 

“They are bedding in nicely and week on week we’re seeing an improvement in performance.”

Safety-wise, the Samworth Brothers new truck offer a wide range of technologies.

For example the TGXs feature EBA, ESP, ASR and LGS. 

In addition, the MAN Safety Pack has been specified, which includes Driver’s airbag, turn assist and adaptive cruse control.