Twelve months after MAN’s eMobility Center opened, MAN has revealed how its electric truck preparations have been going.

In total, 20 prototypes of MAN’s eTruck have rolled out of the facility in Munich.

The test vehicles have all undergone testing in real-life conditions on public roads and at MAN facilities.

In addition, as part of its electric truck preparations, 1,700 employees have been trained on the technology.

By the end of 2022, MAN says 2,000 works will have completed a combined 10,000 hours of training on the new trucks.

However, Thorsten Campehl, plant manager in Munich admitted getting people onside with electric trucks will be a challenge.

“We have to win people over to the change and support them in the process of these fundamental changes. 

“However, a clear vision for the plant and the training and development of people are the key to achieving this.” 

Continuing, Campehl said that the “intensive combination of theory and practice” made the eMobility Center stand out.

The aim from the outset is to develop modular components, particularly for chassis and wiring, says MAN. 

Therefore, these parts can then be used by both drive concepts to enable the installation of a conventional engine or an EV setup.

Specialists all areas of the MAN business will join forces to bring the new trucks to series maturity as quickly as possible. 

As a result, individual workflows and process steps are mapped out carefully, with any adjustments made by the development team. 

With that in mind, pre-series planning and testing have already become much more efficient. 

The first small series of the electric truck is to be produced on the normal production line as early as the end of 2023, 

Finally, vehicles will enter practical use with selected pilot customers from 2024.