Scania has announced a new powertrain and major updates to its product portfolio.

Specifically, there’s a new engine platform as well as new services and system updates.

The new powertrain has been driven for a desire for improved sustainability.

Therefore, it offers fuel savings of up to 8% to help operators manage TCO.

Meanwhile, among the major updates, there are revised chassis and frames for increased modularity.

 In addition, axles and tanks have also been given a makeover.

When it comes to safety, one of the the other major updates is the introduction of digital rear view mirrors.

Scania says the announcement represents the biggest launch since its new truck generation in 2016.

The new 13-litre engine platform covers outputs between 420hp and 560hp.

Furthermore, all engines have HVO fuel capabilities and two can be specified as biodiesel versions.

The company has described its science-based climate targets as its ‘guiding star’.

Therefore, it is aiming to reach its goal with a mix of energy efficiency, renewable fuels and electrification.

Alexander Vlaskamp, executive vice president and head of sales and marketing at Scania, explained more. 

“What we introduce today is not only an engine platform. 

“It is a major initiative for strength­ening Scania’s position within sustainable transport 

“Our strong focus on transport efficiency guides us in the shift towards a decarbonised world.

“It is a shift that will have a major contribution from our new powertrain.”

Continuing, Vlaskamp said Scania sees a rapidly changing world for its customers.

“At Scania, we have set our aim higher than maybe any other manufacturer. 

“Not because we think it will be easy, but because we see no other option. 

In conclusion, the Scania man said the company was committed to reaching the greenhouse gas emissions targets set by the Paris agreement in 2016.