Iveco and Edison have agreed to work on solutions for sustainable heavy-duty transport.

In other words, the two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to speed up the development of sustainable gas mobility. 

In addition, they will promote further the use of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the road transport sector in Italy. 

The agreement is based on the importance of LNG and CNG mobility for decarbonisation.

Furthermore, it combines the position each company has on the energy transition challenge.

Specifically, Edison is an operator vertically integrated along the entire LNG value chain and committed to green gas. 

Meanwhile, Iveco is a major producer of natural gas commercial vehicles.

Nicola Monti, Edison CEO, explained the background to the deal.

“Last October, we completed the first integrated LNG logistics chain in Italy to support sustainable mobility. 

“However, today we are taking a further step in the strategic path of decarbonisation of transport. 

“By joining forces with Iveco, we will be able to speed up the conversion of fleets.”

Furthermore, the sustainable heavy-duty transport collaboration will also look at how to improve TCO. 

For example, Edison and Iveco will aim to identify business models capable of offering tailor-made solutions.

“Natural gas mobility holds a big stake of our present and our future,” said Gerrit Marx, Iveco’s CEO. 

“It is an initial, yet important step towards the decarbonization of the transport sector. 

“Also, our pioneering efforts in this field have paid off.

“We now lead the market, with 55% of market share in Europe for LNG trucks. 

Concluding, Marx said: “The collaboration between Iveco and Edison will give an additional boost to sustainable mobility.” 

Iveco already offers near CO2-neutral heavy-duty truck technology when the powertrain is running on renewable bio-methane.